Why Buy FAST®?

Great Process

The FAST process is a winner. It meets the strictest effluent regulations without filters, membranes, microprocessors, adjustments, gimmicks or trained operators.

FAST actually works on ships and platforms in the real world and not just in land certification tests. There are no adjustments and performance does not depend upon the skill of the operator.

The FAST process can handle any combination of blackwater, graywater, ground food waste, freshwater, seawater, vacuum toilets and conventional toilets.


We see inquiries for sewage treatment systems from time to time where a spare sewage treatment unit is specified.

FAST units can be fitted with dual blowers or duplex discharge pumps if desired. But, there is no need for a spare FAST unit.

Strong Tanks

Steel tanks are designed to ABS Deep Tank Standards. In a manner of speaking they are as strong as the ship and will probably last just as long.

Polyethylene tanks are so strong that they are certified by DOT for transport of hazardous waste on common carriers. These tanks are also immune to marine corrosion and vibration.

Superior Protection against Corrosion

As a standard, FAST units are designed to handle seawater sewage. Steel tanks employ large access hatches for efficient blasting and painting.

All tank seams and penetrations are full welded both sides (some standards only require this for fuel tanks and allow water tanks to be welded on one side only).

Surfaces are grit blasted to white metal with the right profile and then given two good coats of epoxy resin. All weld seams are brush coated.

Threaded penetrations and all fasteners and assembly hardware inside and outside are 316SS.

Long Service Life

In 2011, one of the first FAST units ever sold was retired after 38 years of continuous commercial marine service. The operator replaced it with another FAST unit.

When vessels are scrapped, it is not unusual for operators to remove the FAST units and transfer them to newly purchased vessels.

Older Units Can be Updated and Upgraded

Although FAST process technology is state of the art, the components are simple and economical. The internals of any existing FAST unit can be brought up to the latest configuration and upgraded as required to meet the newest regulations.

Worldwide Technical Support

We provide long term technical support from this office to our customers at no charge and have done so for many years. When on-site service is required, it is available worldwide.

It seems that most of the firms that obtained marine sewage treatment certifications in the 1970’s are no longer active or even present.

We are truly in the sewage treatment business, we have been building marine sewage treatment systems for over 40 years and we will continue to support our customers in the foreseeable future.


All standard FAST units are certified for installation on USCG inspected vessels. This not only insures safe and high quality equipment, it also recognizes that as regulations change previously uninspected vessels are increasingly becoming USCG inspected vessels.


All claims for the FAST process and for FAST sewage treatment systems are supported by more than 70,000 installations worldwide and over 40 years of research, development and real world operating history.

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