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What do you value most in a water or wastewater treatment system? Innovation? Reliability? Proven performance?

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Envirocleanse InTank BWTS acquired by Scienco/Fast...

US-based water and wastewater treatment specialist Scienco/Fast Inc has acquired the InTank ballast water treatment system developed by Envirocleanse, a division of Charter Brokerage, a Berkshire Hathaway company...

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We attend a number of tradeshows, workshops, training events throughout the year. Let us know if you plan to attend; we may see you there.

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Scienco/FAST is a global manufacturer of Water Management Solutions. With over 65 years of history unlike any other, the origins of SCIENCO® & FAST® can be traced back to the 1940’s in St. Louis, MO for salt-based tableting and water treatment systems (G.S. Supplinger and Morton Salt) and advanced sewage treatment systems (Saint Louis Ship Company). In 1985, Scienco/FAST combined to produce internationally recognizable top-quality water, wastewater, and maintenance products with top-notch field services. 


Scienco/FAST recently was: 

  • awarded the 2015 Innovation in Marine Environmental Technology Offshore Excellence Award
  • named a finalist for Lloyd’s List 2016 North American Maritime Awards in Innovation Category
  • received the 2017 North American Integrated Water Technology Leadership Award
  • along with BioMicrobicsnamed a 2019 Top 10 Wastewater Management Solution Provider! by Utilities Outlook Magazine


Our global Distributors and Representatives offer a range of our wastewater, greywater, and water treatment products and provide services in wastewater management to the marine, land and commercial industries. Contact us for assistance:


Scienco_logo_smCommercial Water Treatment Equipment Division

Scienco® SciCHLOR® Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) Generators: A cost effective and reliable method of safely producing liquid chlorine for onsite disinfection.

Scienco® SciBRINE® Bulk Salt Dissolver & Brinemakers: produce and store a liquid brine solution that can be used in various applications, such as a food additive, a chemical feed for various chemical processes or an ion exchange/water softening process, etc.

Scienco® Danolyte® Sodium Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) Generators: A cost effective and reliable method of safely producing an environment-friendly surface disinfectant.

Scienco® FloCRON® Liquid Injection Systems: A system that provides economical, accurate and reliable dispensing equipment for industrial and food processing markets. Dispensing ingredients such as water, brine, citric acid, calcium chloride, oils and sauces.