How it Works

Completely self-contained restroom with fully certified sewage treatment plant.

We can custom build and size unit for any use. Our systems can be engineered to accommodate any size work force in any weather.

Possible Uses:

Oil platforms, Dock barges, Oil rigs, Construction sites, Pipelines, Parks and Recreation.

How it Installs

The Porta/FAST™ “self-contained” units are ready to go with only a hook up to a water source is necessary. The units are 8’ wide and the standard-length sizes are: 10’, 16’, 20’, and 40’ long, depending on your space availability.

Options Include:

Heat and A/C, Men’s and Women’s Toilets, Sink, Lights, Hot Water, Showers, Windows.

Finding the Right Size

It is recommended to check what local regulations are required in case additional information is needed.

Unit Sizes Rated Capacity (Persons): 

BMS System — Please Contact Factory

PortaFAST 3 PortaFAST 2 PortaFAST 1