InTank™ + InVoyage™ Treatment to remain InControl™ & InCompliance with no filters!

Scienco® InTank™ BWTS provides the most confidence of compliance with the least impact to operations. The voyage continues!

Scienco/FAST is extremely proud to offer this new second generation, no filter BWT technology with extensive development, documentation and thorough treatment process for the vessel to remain InCompliance™. The Scienco® InTank™ Ballast Water Treatment System is U.S. Coast Guard and IMO (BWMS Code) Type Approved. InTank is the one and only approved BWTS of its kind, InTank that treats in voyage without the need for filtration nor power demand while in Port, and no concerns about ballast water quality. During a Port of Call, the ship’s cargo/ballast operations are time critical processes with the vessel is at peak electrical power demand. Unlike conventional in-line BWTS, which treat ballast water in port, the Scienco® InTank™ BWTS solution treats ballast water in voyage – when there is sufficient treatment and crew time; moreover, service load power.

“The InTank BWTS allows a vessel to use normal port operations, and maintain complete control over its ballast water compliance.”

Among all the BWTS offered, this 2nd-generation USCG, IMO Type Approved BWTS is completely different to in-line BWTS. InTank provides a commercial vessel with a fundamentally more elegant and secure solution to BW compliance. The vessel and crew will perform at the highest safety, compliance and reliability standards without impacting cargo operations, at the lowest cost possible.

  • System size is flexible with voyage duration/ballast volume.
  • Treats at sea during voyage; much easier on crew and vessel operations
  • No Filters!
  • Ballast water quality – salinity, turbidity or other water qualities do not change ballasting/vessel operations
  • Topside tanks, gravity ballasting deballasting are fine.
  • Treatment time minimum 36-48 hours, depending on vessel and equipment size
  • EC Cell operating at sea. Always uses clean salt water from sea, always operating most efficiently with a long service life.
  • Less hardware, smaller hardware – distributed
  • Hardware failure can be fixed at sea no delay to vessel. If not immediately repaired, ballast exchange at sea, no change to port operations.
  • Neutralization happens in the tank. Treatment and neutralization confirmed BEFORE discharge – Technical Compliance guaranteed
  • Allows treatment to fit vessel schedule, puts the crew in control of Biological Compliance.
  • In place flood and discharge operations can be completed without treatment.

Operational Benefits:

  • Complete cargo handling and all ballasting operations as normal
  • Filter-free Design with No power use in port
  • Ballast water quality; fresh, turbid, cold etc. does not matter.
  • Gravity ballast or deballast any tanks
  • Complete semi-submersible in place flood and drain without treatment (outside U.S.)
  • Complete automatic treatment cycle when at sea, crew have more time
  • Fix a system problem at sea, no change to port stay

Compliance Benefits:

  • Treatment efficacy is assessed and adjusted for during treatment-treats challenging waters.
  • Treatment and neutralization completed in the tank – Technical Compliance recorded before discharge
  • Vessel controls when treatment is completed, has control over regrowth potential – Biological compliance InControl
  • Fix system issue at sea or complete exchange during voyage in compliance with BWPM.

Installation Benefits:

  • No filters allows very small pump room footprint
  • Only Dosing Module(s) (1m x 1m) installed near ballast line. Other equipment small and distributed
  • Larger vessel on 5+ day voyage can use smaller, cheaper, system size
  • A single system can serve multiple independent pontoons
  • DD installation is not necessary
  • Where a DD is planned much installation work can be completed beforehand.

The mission of Scienco/FAST – just like with our USCG & IMO certified Type II MSDs – is to provide a simple, robust treatment system that assists companies around the world to perform at the highest standards of safety and compliance. By offering the Scienco® InTank™ BWTS, Scienco/FAST will help vessel owners, managers and crew take control of their BW compliance with the least impact to the commercial operation of the vessel. For many vessels InTank offers the most elegant BW compliance solution available, there are also some vessels it will not suit.

The Scienco® InTank™ is unique.  Treating the ballast water during the voyage provides many advantages with less maintenance, oversight, and less power during in port etc.  But also, the Scienco® InTank™ uses different metrics for sizing the equipment appropriately; we will be happy to describe these metrics and equipment to you.

Please contact us, if we can provide a technical presentation or provide the InTank™ solution for your vessel(s),

The treatment process occurs InVoyage™ with no impact to cargo operations. InCompliance = InControl™

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