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Scienco/FAST is a global manufacturer of Industrial & Commercial Water Management Solutions: Agriculture Disinfection, Commercial Food & Industrial Equipment, Municipal Water Treatment, Hospital / Institutional Equipment, onsite generation of sodium hypochlorite for disinfection, industrial and commercial bulk salt dissolver systems (brinemakers), liquid injection systems, and environmentally-friendly maintenance tablets and cleaners.



Scienco® SciCHLOR® Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

• Automatic, demand Chlorine Production
• Compatible with all Salt Types (granular, table salt or 99.6% pure solar salt preferred)
• Integrated Compact Design
• Simple Maintenance
• Low Cost, Easy to Replace Parts


Scienco® SciBRINE® Brinemaker Systems 

• Eliminates Bag Disposal
• Compatible with most Salt Types
• Reduces Labor Costs
• Reduces Warehouse Space
• Economical Solution

Scienco® FloCRON® Liquid Injection System FloCRON_Liquid_Injector

• Electronically Controlled
• Extremely Accurate
• Easy Installation and Operation
• Economical Solution






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Type II Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs)

Fully Tested to the Highest Global Standards

The MarineFAST® systems are tested at the highest level in the extremist of climates for water-tightness and ensure quality standards are met. Scienco/FAST Marine Systems consistently meet standards set by worldwide Coast Guards and Marine Organizations for inspected vessels under 33CFR159, NVIC 1-09 and MEPC.159 (55), also known as IMO MARPOL 2010.

EFFLUENT STANDARDS: Check which effluent requirements you must meet.

  • USCG 33CFR159 - Minimum 33CFR159 / MEPC.2(VI) standards for 150 TSS, 200 fecal, certified by U.S. Coast Guard installed aboard vessels and not subject to effluent sampling in service not required by regulations.
  • IMO MARPOL 2010 - 25 BOD5, 35 TSS, 125 COD, 100 fecal effluent for USCG certified units and recommended for general marine use with 2 months internal sludge storage and dechlorination of effluent. Secondary treatment may be required for restricted waters, barges meeting local or harbor regulations, and offshore applications that are subject to state or other regulations.
  • USEPA Secondary Treatment - Applications requiring 85% removal, 30 BOD5, 30 TSS secondary treatment, 3 months internal sludge storage, and derate by 10% for dilute sewage.
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