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Scienco/FAST is a global manufacturer of Industrial & Commercial Water Management Solutions: Agriculture Disinfection, Commercial Food & Industrial Equipment, Municipal Water Treatment, Hospital / Institutional Equipment, onsite generation of sodium hypochlorite for disinfection, industrial and commercial bulk salt dissolver systems (brinemakers), liquid injection systems, and environmentally-friendly maintenance tablets and cleaners.

Our global Distributors and Representatives offer a range of our wastewater, greywater, and water treatment products and provide services in waste water management to the marine, land and commercial industries. Contact us for assistance:


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SciCHLOR® Sodium Hypochlorite Generators: A cost effective and reliable method of safely producing liquid chlorine for onsite disinfection.
SciBRINE® Bulk Salt Dissolver & Brinemakers: produce and store a liquid brine solution that can be used in various applications, such as a food additive, a chemical feed for various chemical processes or an ion exchange/water softening process, etc.
FloCRON® Liquid Injection Systems: A system that provides economical, accurate and reliable dispensing equipment for industrial and food processing markets. Dispensing ingredients such as water, brine, citric acid, calcium chloride, oils and sauces.

  • Scienco® SciCHLOR® Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
    • Automatic, demand Chlorine Production • Compatible with most Salt Types • Integrated Compact Design • Simple Maintenance • Low Cost, Easy to Replace Parts FOR AG APPLICATIONS, VISIT SCIENCO® AG
  • Scienco® SciBRINE® Brinemaker Systems
    • Eliminates Bag Disposal • Compatible with most Salt Types • Reduces Labor Costs • Reduces Warehouse Space • Economical Solution
  • Scienco® FloCRON® Liquid Injection System
    • Electronically Controlled • Extremely Accurate • Easy Installation and Operation • Economical Solution


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Simple | Low Cost | Robust

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems!

MarineFAST® LX-Series MSD

Flow: 100-800 GPD (378-3026 LPD) | 1-44 crew MarineFAST® LX-Series are lightweight, certified, biological, flow-through devices (MSDs) on board small vessels. Read more... Marine Sewage Treatment Systems built to handle extreme environments.


Flow: 200-1500 GPD (800-5700 LPD) | 1-78 crew MarineFAST® M- & MX-Series are ideal for small to medium sized crews and unassembled versions are ideal where access can be limited. Read more... Marine Sewage Treatment Systems built to handle extreme environments.

MarineFAST® DV-Series MSD & HS-MSD®

Flow: 990-20000+ GPD (3700-75700+ LPD) | 1-2000+ crew MarineFAST® DV-Series is designed for larger vessels and offshore structures, from medium to large crews. Read more... Marine Sewage Treatment Systems built to handle extreme environments.

Tested to the Highest Global Standards

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems are rapidly becoming the standard type of treatment system on cruise ships. These systems typically consist of a multi-stage treatment process that includes filtration, biological treatment, and disinfection of wastewater prior to discharge. MarineFAST® Sewage Treatment Systems certified to IMO MEPC specifications, designed to fit any ship or platform, whether large crew or small; and needing a system to satisfy small, versatile space requirements.

Fully certified for EFFLUENT STANDARDS: If you are unsure, please contact us.

  • USCG 33CFR159 - 150 mg/l TSS, 200 coliform/100 ml.
  • MEPC.159(55) and MEPC.227(64) - 25 mg/l BOD5, 35 mg/l TSS, 125 mg/l COD and 100 coliform/100 ml, chlorine residual < 0.5 mg/l - no dilution required.
  • USEPA secondary treatment - 85% removal of applied BOD5 and TSS, 30 mg/l BOD5, 30 mg/l TSS.
  • EPA VGP 2013 - USEPA secondary treatment plus geometric mean of 30 day coliform samples < 20/100 ml, not more than 40% of samples > 40/100 ml, chlorine residual < 10 µg/l.
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