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Scienco/FAST is a global manufacturer of Industrial & Commercial Water Management Solutions: Commercial Food & Industrial Equipment, Municipal Water Treatment, Hospital / Institutional Equipment, onsite generation of sodium hypochlorite for disinfection, industrial and commercial bulk salt dissolver systems (brine makers), liquid injection systems, and environmentally-friendly maintenance tablets and cleaners.

The MarineFAST® MSD and HS-MSD® handle wide variations in loading typical of service and treats any combination of sewage, including conventional and vacuum toilets, laundry, garbage disposals and showers. The MarineFAST systems are inherently self-regulating, with no adjustments required. Surge loads at the change of watch and temporary changes do not adversely affect effluent quality; and, the performance of the MarineFAST system is not dependent on the skill of an operator.


Scienco/FAST recently was:

  • awarded the 2015 Innovation in Marine Environmental Technology Offshore Excellence Award
  • named a finalist for Lloyd’s List 2016 North American Maritime Awards in Innovation Category
  • received the 2017 North American Integrated Water Technology Leadership Award


Our global Distributors and Representatives offer a range of our wastewater, greywater, and water treatment products and provide services in wastewater management to the marine, land and commercial industries. Contact us for assistance:


Scienco_logo_smCommercial Water Treatment Equipment Division

SciCHLOR® Sodium Hypochlorite Generators: A cost effective and reliable method of safely producing liquid chlorine for onsite disinfection.
SciBRINE® Bulk Salt Dissolver & Brinemakers: produce and store a liquid brine solution that can be used in various applications, such as a food additive, a chemical feed for various chemical processes or an ion exchange/water softening process, etc.
FloCRON® Liquid Injection Systems: A system that provides economical, accurate and reliable dispensing equipment for industrial and food processing markets. Dispensing ingredients such as water, brine, citric acid, calcium chloride, oils and sauces.


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Marine Wastewater Treatment Systems!

MarineFAST® LX-Series

Flow: 100-800 GPD (378-3026 LPD) | 1-44 crew

MarineFAST® M-&MX Series

Flow: 200-1500 GPD (800-5700 LPD) | 1-78 crew

MarineFAST® DV-Series

Flow: 990-20000+ GPD (3700-75700+ LPD) | 1-2000+ crew

Tested to Global Standards

Fully certified for EFFLUENT STANDARDS: If you are unsure of your requirements, please contact us.

  • USCG 33CFR159 - 150 mg/l TSS, 200 coliform/100 ml.
  • MEPC.159(55) and MEPC.227(64) - 25 mg/l BOD5, 35 mg/l TSS, 125 mg/l COD and 100 coliform/100 ml, chlorine residual < 0.5 mg/l - no dilution required.
  • USEPA Secondary Treatment (ST) - 85% removal of applied BOD5 and TSS, 30 mg/l.
  • EPA VGP 2013 - EPA ST + 30-day coliform samples < 20/100 ml, not more than 40% of samples > 40/100 ml, chlorine residual < 10 µg/l.
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