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Innovation has always been the core of Scienco/FAST. Decades of experience has taught us that our pre-engineered, modular components provide good installations aboard vessels and platforms of all types. The company continues to expand its product offering to include other transfer, treatment devices, and components for a multitude of applications, nitrogen reduction, oil/water separators, grease removal, membranes, renovations, aeration and mixing, biological tablets, and various other screening/filtration devices.

As world leaders in the on-site wastewater treatment markets, Bio-Microbics and Scienco/FAST provide advanced technology for wastewater, stormwater, and water treatment industries. From its diverse past, Scienco/FAST has been a part of such influential companies as Morton Salt and Smith & Loveless, Inc.

Internationally recognized for quality products and top-notch field services, Scienco/FAST is a manufacturer specializing in marine sewage devices, biological tablets, and other industrial technologies. The origins of SCIENCO® & FAST® can be traced back to the 1940′s in St. Louis, MO.

We focus on systems with benefits:  The Best Marine & Offshore systems available! Installed aboard towboats, tugs, offshore supply vessels, diving support vessels, semi-submersibles, offshore platforms, drill ships, crane barges, fireboats, pilot boats, shop and office barges, container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, research vessels, icebreakers, survey ships, school ships, river towboats, harbor tugs, cruise ships, float homes, etc.:

  • Have ease of installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Provide economic solutions that cannot be achieved with other product offerings
  • Impact global interest to reuse water
  • Can utilize incentives and credits to build green
  • Continue to remain in high demand for long term benefits for the life of the vessel
  • Provide a wide range of options for specific applications
  • Email us your inquiry; we look forward to working with you!

Published on Sep 20, 2016
At the SMM 2016 in Hamburg, Germany, Maritime Reporter TV’s Greg Trauthwein, Editor and Associate Publisher of Maritime Reporter and Engineering News, interviews Robert (Bob) J. Rebori, President, Bio-Microbics Scienco/FAST. Mr. Rebori discusses current market conditions and drivers for waste water handling systems.
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Annex IV aims to reduce the sanitary risk from “black water” (discharges containing human, animal and/or medical wastes) and “grey water” (waste water from showers, sinks, washing machines, etc.). The vessels have to carry an International Sewage Pollution Certificate which is usually issued for a period of five years and implies a periodical survey of the ship’s sanitation and piping systems.

The most advanced wastewater purification systems are biological reactors in which waste particles are broken down and consumed by bacteria. The reactor has a fixed-film media that provides surface on which to attach aerobic bacteria with an efficient aeration system to digest all the organic material, lesser bacteria, and viruses. Afterwards, the treated effluent is disinfected through means of chlorination (and dechlor with IMO systems), UV, or a PAA (Paracetic Acid) system.

The MarineFAST® technology utilizes a unique hybrid method of fixed and submerged treatment processes to both effectively treat wastewater and provide a system for management of biosolids. the treated effluent disinfection methods involve chlorination, chlorination/dechlorination, and now peracetic acid.

Scienco/FAST has been awarded USCG and Transport Canada certifications for our MARPOL configuration FAST systems using peracetic acid (PAA) as the disinfectant.

As a disinfectant, PAA is as effective or more effective than chlorine. PAA consumption should be about one-third that for sodium hypochlorite laundry bleach.

At the same time, PAA has no adverse environmental impact as chlorine does. There are no carcinogenic or mutagenic byproducts and PAA is fully approved by EPA for disinfection of sewage treatment system effluent.

We are now able to offer two alternate versions of every standard FAST MARPOL certified unit, (a) with chlorine disinfection and (b) with PAA disinfection. In addition, the use of PAA simplifies and substantially reduces the cost of our MARPOL certified FAST systems.

It represents a genuine improvement in many ways. PAA is available from Solvay Chemical and other suppliers and we will be stocking suitably sized containers for our customers.

Marine sanitation treatment systems treat sewage from offshore work applications and help lessen the environmental impact of contaminants.

MarineFAST® sewage treatment systems are also certified by the US Coast Guard’s USCG and International Maritime Organization’s MEPC.159 (55) effluent standards. As an effective marine sanitation device, the MarineFAST® adheres to the highest standards in the marketplace and versatile to fit in any configuration and size of vessels and offshore platforms. See more FAST® Certifications here.

Typically, the certification process involves thorough testing of how the system handles shock and vibration in the most extreme environmental standards such as above and beyond IMO requirements.

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~ Author: Mr. Alan Fleischer, Corporate Director Marine Sales & Engineering
Mr. Fleischer holds a bachelor of science in aeronautical engineering from Parks Air College and a master of business administration with a special award for outstanding achievement in economics from St. Louis University. In 1973, he started the Marine Sewage Division for St. Louis Shipbuilding and Steel, itself a division of Pott Industries, lnc. St. Louis Ship’s Marine Sewage Division was acquired by the original developer of the FAST process technology, Smith & Loveless, Inc., a manufacturer of sewage transfer and treatment systems. Now designated [as] the Scienco/FAST division, it continues to operate as part of Bio-Microbics, Inc., which is in its own right a manufacturer and international supplier of sewage treatment systems and associated product lines.

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